SPACE IS SACRED by Shammah Brempong
March 2023

Before we begin, let’s start with a few disclaimers:

Everything that has been written comes out of my own experience and reflection. No shade, just telling my truth

This article is my way of healing. Healing from my escapism Healing from my Run away when it starts to get crazy. Why can’t she just run away? Baby, I got a plan. Run away fast as you can -. Kanye west.

Whew, chile! We (me, my guides and my ancestors) finally did it. Writing this article was difficult. At first, I was very enthusiastic, because I’m getting back to my first love and that is writing. Especially writing my mind and heart out. Well, here I am fighting and struggling to get this out of my system. I think sometimes we as humans fight ourselves if we need to confront whatever has been happening to us. The confrontation of self is different than when another person confronts you on your being. It’s a different version of self-reflection and that’s what’s happening right here, right now and probably in your mind while reading this article.

I’ve always been an advocate for community building because I believe in creating a space where we all get to work on each other’s intentions. It’s like this metaphor when someone tries to climb up out of a hole but can’t do it on their own. You need one another to be able to achieve your purpose in life and that goes vice versa. Community building for me means creating a space for vulnerability, failures, growth, cries and laughter. Trusting your INSTINCT and having invisible glasses to be able to observe and read people. Are they genuine with you, as you are with them? Community building is: we pour in each other so that WE (you and I or more) can excel, expand, explore, enhance and elevate. Community building is about creating fellowship.  

In the western environment, we live in a society where individualism is prioritized.  For example, before I made my move towards Ghana, a colleague and I had to defend our dignity in court because we got discriminated against in our (working) space. The funny thing about this whole process is that it could have been so simple, but you rather make it hard? – Lauryn hill. The saddest part of this is that we had to collect evidence for three months before the project developer and our partners believed us. Throughout this process, I noticed that my colleague and I were moving from a community space and they (partners and project developers) were moving from an individualistic space. They were trying to protect their own lane and forgot that we (my colleague and I) created that lane and more.  

I didn’t feel anymore that what we created within the space with like-minded entrepreneurs had the essence of togetherness because of this situation. I was basically drained of the fact that I was trying to save another person’s ‘space’ while saving my own. Run away when it starts to get crazy. Why can’t she just run away? Baby, I got a plan. Run away fast as you can -. Kanye west.

I’m realizing more and more that people are abusing the concept of community building. Of course, everyone has a different definition, but some words have a universal meaning just like community building. Nowadays people are giving me more I’m with you because of what you do instead of who you are and let’s do this together in order to lift each other up and learn. Especially when it comes to learning because you can’t know everything by yourself.  

As I said earlier, no shade, I’m just telling my truth. In the words of Howard Gardner there are five elements that bring together the aspects of being an entrepreneur or let’s say moving within a space of entrepreneurship: the disciplined, synthesized, creative, respectful and ethical mindset. In this situation, we’re going to discuss the respectful mindset. To be successful in entrepreneurship it’s important to build, maintain and expand professional and personal networks. To have respect for diverse backgrounds and be open-minded. Without this trait, you are holding yourself and your business back from expanding.

In the African, Asian, Latin and Caribbean societies the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child" comes first. A child can be your space, business, relationship, brand, product etc. basically whatever you want to grow. It’s all about togetherness, right? I think people get afraid when they notice that you're changing the narrative of how a society moves within a space in a positive way.

I’ve learned my lesson and still learning a bunch of lessons. It’s true when they say that life is a school. Know who you are surrounded by, in which space you are and who you allow into your space. Remember your space is sacred.

cc Shammah Brempong